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Software Configuration Management (SCM) Consultancy and Training




What is SCM?


SCM is all about controlling the development of software projects. The discipline is applicable to projects of all sizes from one-person projects to many hundreds of people. The importance of SCM increases significantly as you have more developers. Throw in the requirement for supporting an application on more than one platform, or for several different clients, each of whom has a slightly different version and you have a potential recipe for disaster if not well managed. There are a number of SCM definitions and resources.





Learn about Perforce - a guide to the Perforce web site and documentation.

An Introduction to Perforce Branching - some thoughts on depot structures and other branching issues.

How to Choose an SCM Tool - a white paper on requirements and the process for choosing a tool.

Robert Cowham gave a presentation at the British Computer Society (BCS) Configuration Management Specialist Group (CMSG) event in November 2000 which was very well received.


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