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Perforce Consultancy and Training Services

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Robert Cowham from Vaccaperna was one of the two initial certified Perforce Consulting Partners & Trainers, and has worked with many organisations around the world to implement and enhance their Perforce usage, including training.

Options include:

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Perforce Best Practices


'The Perforce training was excellent and really helped us to get our developers on board and make them more productive with the tool, overcoming some initial resistance.

We wish we had done it earlier.

Kevin Hinde, Head of Technical Development
BBC News Interactive, UK

So you've decided on Perforce, but that's just the start. Now do you want to:

  • get your developers productive as quickly as possible with appropriate training?
  • use Best Practices from day one?
  • avoid making costly mistakes by getting expert advice at the start?
  • put in solid foundations for future enhancements?
  • adapt the tool to your processes and requirements?

Perforce Best Practices incorporates experience derived from implementing Perforce in many organisations around the world. It addresses these issues by showing you how to structure your repository and identify appropriate branching strategies, how to automate your Perforce-based development processes and ensure rock solid (but not onerous) administration procedures are in place. Peppered with tips and tricks, this will provide you with all you need to set up and administer your Perforce installation as well as initial training for your developers.

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'CSL inherited a large CVS database of another company's IP. Our challenge to Robert was to integrate this into our longstanding Perforce Depot. Bearing in mind that a large amount of the import was legacy - this was a much more complex task than it looked at face value.

Robert's excellent understanding of Perforce, his ability to code around problems as they came up, and dedication allowed him to overcome various obstacles and bring the project to an effective close to our great satisfaction.

Steve Zalud, Development Manager
Criterion Software, UK

The Perforce tool is flexible, powerful and fast. The power provides the ability to get the job done, but also shoot yourself in the foot if you don't use it wisely! A small amount of initial consultancy provides a big win in terms of getting real value for money out of the product in terms of effective use and avoiding mistakes and rework in the future.

Consultancy includes things such as:

  • training (see below)
  • repository structure
  • branching patterns to be used
  • review of development requirements
  • review of administration
  • migration from other tools (e.g. CVS, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, etc.)
  • scripting possibilities - particularly for process automation

Robert Cowham is the curator of the Visual SourceSafe migration scripts in the Perforce Public Depot and has supported the migration of many customers from VSS, PVCS, CVS and other tools to Perforce.


'Robert reviewed our processes and provided us with excellent insight on strategic SCM practices, such as branching and integration.'

Andres Torrubia, Chief Technology Officer
Trymedia Systems, Spain



Perforce training


'One of the best trainers I've ever worked with. Perforce concepts and general usage was explained well and at a pace that was perfect for the users at the course. Highly recommended trainer.'

Eddie Chin
ATG, Massachusets, USA

We offer customised training courses on the use of Perforce ranging from brief presentations to 2 or 3 day hands on courses. Typically a 2 day course is ideal for users to get to grips with Perforce and its various aspects (although this does not usually give enough time to cover administration options in depth). For experienced users of other SCM tools, a fast paced 1 day course can cover the whole of Perforce including branching and merging.

Training is often run in conjunction with a consultancy workshop - having understood the theory via the training, everyone is now able to review the company's requirements and discuss how to apply the theory in practice.

Training courses have been run for many organisations, including BBC, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, ATG, Symbian and ORGA Kartensysteme. Courses are also available in German, Italian and French.


'Bereits im Vorfeld der Integration von Perforce in unsere Delta-Entwicklungsumgebung wie auch während der Integration war von Herrn Cowham eine hervorragende Unterstützung gegeben. Das Perforce-Training entsprach derselben Qualität.'

Waldemar Fohmann, Projekt manager SA and QA
Staatskanzlei Aargau (Kanton Aargau), Switzerland


'Velio needed to educate a large number of Perforce user with radically differing backgrounds, with the smallest possible time investment. Under these difficult constraints, Vaccaperna worked very closely with us to tailor a Perforce training program to our needs. The end result was very positive and many trainees commented how well it went. An important contributor to the success was Vaccaperna's excellent knowledge of Perforce and its application in real-world situations. We were very happy with all phases of the training from planning through follow-up.'


Mike Klein, Director VLSI Design
Velio Communications, Inc., California, USA

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