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Vaccaperna helps organisations develop software better, faster and more consistently.

It does this by improving:

  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Build Management
  • Release Management

Services offered include consultancy and training in Software Configuration Management (SCM) and software development processes.

'One of the best trainers I've ever worked with. Perforce concepts and general usage was explained well and at a pace that was perfect for the users at the course. Highly recommended trainer.'

Eddie Chin
ATG, Massachusets, USA

Software configuration management is all about being efficient and effective in developing software: avoiding rework, avoiding the waste of expensive engineer's time. Configuration management includes change management, version control and related processes and applies to software and web site development.

More and more organisations are looking to use agile software development methods and yet are unsure as to how to control them appropriately - too rigid SCM and you negate the benefits of agile methods, too little SCM and you lose necessary control. Find out more about Agile SCM.

We work with a number of vendors of configuration management tools, and have a close association with Perforce.

We can provide a Perforce Consultant or Perforce training (in English, German, Italian or French) to help you in your implementation.

Experience includes consultancy for improvement of configuration management to meet the requirements of CMMI and ITIL (ISO20000).



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Check out the monthly column on Agile SCM by Robert Cowham, Brad Appleton and Steve Berczuk in CM Crossroads.

Robert has a blog on which he discusses various things including SCM and Perforce Tips & Tricks.



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